Notionist Avatar

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Notionist Avatar

8 ratings

Notionist | Custom Notionist Avatar Made With ❀️

Grab your hand-drawn custom Epic Avatar!

You've seen the black and white Notion Avatars everywhere. Wondered where to get it? Perhaps, you've even tried yourself.

Instant Camaraderie - Obtaining an Avatar is seen as a "badge of honour" among the Notion Community. You're all going through the same kind of experience together. Why not be a part of each others Journey!

Stand out from everyone else with a unique custom made Notionist for you!

Got a business? How about Team Notionists? Add flair to your Team's dashboard, boost morale! Perhaps you'd like all your Teammates to have your branded epic sunglasses!
I give discounts for bulk orders, and the bigger the order, the more the discount increases.

Don't miss out! Join the club!

File formats: PNG & SVG


How to send the photo ?

The purchase will redirect you to a form to upload your Image.

When will you receive the avatar?

3 - 7 days - Depending on Package Selected.

How do you make the avatar?

I draw each order by hand with Procreate, then I meticulously vectorise to ensure it's the highest quality.

Not sure?

Check out my Notionists Library to get a taster of the quality!
Don't forget Notionists are tailored & hand made. Unique to you.

If you enjoy the product, you can help out by leaving a rating or donating :)

πŸ€™ Get in touch!

Twitter:  heyzoish

This product is not currently for sale.

Notionist Avatar



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